Move Aside, LeMons Teams: Evil Genius On Board!

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So the official list of teams accepted for the 24 Hours of LeMons race at Altamont is out, and my team made the cut! So we'll be out there on the track with the Porcubimmer and some other Jalopnik-related teams you'll be hearing about over the coming weeks (including the Carpet Pissers, who were also accepted for Altamont). And, you know, I actually feel sorry for those other teams. By God, I do! You see, we've got a new guy on the team, and he knows a thing or two about racing...


Just about every racer in NorCal knows about Evil Genius Racing, particularly racers with a fondness for Spec Miata action. We called up John Pagel, the Evil Genius himself, to ask about a rollcage kit... and next thing you know, he's joined Team Black Metal V8olvo! The EG may be a Mazda specialist, but he knows something about Volvo 240s as well. Even as you read this, he's mixing up beakers of bubbling chemicals and firing up the U-233 reactor (yes, U-233) in preparation for turning that ol' 244 into a cheap- yet fearsome- track monster. First, of course, we had to be safe (hey, it is a Volvo), so he and his evil assistant, Clint, installed the serious cage you see in the photos above. Next week we'll show you some of the incredibly cool machines in his laboratory, so stay tuned!


Raphael Orlove

Holy shit. I know those guys. I live there. I hang out with them. His son is my friend. I'll be back from New York on the 14th, will I be able to see you guys or just the car? Boy, I've got the chills. Murilee? Johnny? Anybody?