Mountain of Ride-Share Bikes Left at Dallas Recycling Center After Company Leaves City

Ofo bikes showed up at a Dallas recycling center, after the company left the state.
Ofo bikes showed up at a Dallas recycling center, after the company left the state.
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Last month, Dallas officials imposed new fees on companies operating bike-sharing programs in the city, including an $800 application cost for a permit. Several companies left town in response, including Beijing-based Ofo, who disposed of hundreds of their bikes at a nearby recycling center, creating—as you can see—quite a sight.


Hundreds of Ofo’s yellow bikes were seen at the a facility in South Dallas that “works with businesses and individuals looking to sell scrap metal,” reports The Dallas Morning News. Ofo had already announced a plan last month to reduce its presence in North America, but apparently that means ditching what at first glance sure seems to be usable bikes.

Take a look:

Surely there has to be a few operable bikes within that mess. Ofo told Jalopnik that bikes in “good working condition” were donated to local organizations, while this mountain of wheels above represents Ofo’s effort to remain environmentally friendly.

“As we wind down select markets, we remain committed to environmental sustainability and will continue to donate ofo bikes in good working condition to local communities and recycle all bikes when they’re beyond repair or no longer able to use,” the company said in a statement.


Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings didn’t agree with the sentiment.


The Mornings News said the city’s new fees for bike-sharing operators included an $808 application fee and an additional $21 per bike. Ofo said it had 5,000 bikes in the city at one point, meaning it scrapped all these rides over $105,808.

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