MotorWeek's John Davis Is The Greatest Living American

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I've watched MotorWeek — the finest car show on public television — since I was a little kid. Even though my daily MotorWeek Theater posts are a tad tongue-in-cheek, I'm actually a fan of the show.

I set one goal for myself when I got to the Detroit Auto Show: Meet MotorWeek host John Davis. Last night I did just that.


When the floor closes at auto shows, the nights are typically packed with events from various automakers. Last night, Matt, Raphael, and I were out with the folks from Audi while Jason and Patrick were hanging out with Chrysler.


On our way back downtown, a text came in from Patrick: John Davis was at the Chrysler event.

We hightailed it downtown as fast as we could. Patrick was physically restraining John Davis from leaving. We arrived and hit a snag: I wasn't on the list to get into the party. Matt was and said he'd go in for me.


Two minutes later, the elevator opened and out came the majestic Mr. John Davis himself. And guess what? He couldn't be a nicer guy. Mr. Davis was very complimentary towards Jalopnik and is familiar with our recent obsession with MotorWeek posts. In fact, he cannot believe that some people have saved those really old reviews. He is a true gentleman and it was a pleasure meeting him.

We might even be doing some things with Mr. Davis and MotorWeek in the not too distant future, so stay tuned...