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While there are plenty of websites that offer a comprehensive list of racing results for a few different series, there really hasn’t been one official site developed by a sanctioning body itself. Until now, that is—the FIA is giving us all the info in a new site called Motorsport Stats.

I think the best part of this site is the fact that it doesn’t just contain results from FIA-sanctioned series. You can get your IndyCar and NASCAR results here, too. But since the FIA has access to all its own archives, you can also find historical results for series like Formula One all the way back to 1950.


For nerds like me, Motorsport Stats is an absurdly specific dream come true. Not only can I check the results of F1, Indy Lights, and British Superbikes in one place—but there are even some handy interactive graphics for the bigger FIA-sanctioned series that I could honestly spend hours drooling over.

Screenshot: Motorsport Stats

For as much as I love sites like Racing Reference (which I will not be abandoning any time soon), I’m a real sucker for anything that makes my life easier when I’m trying to argue statistical semantics with my husband (no, you fool, there have been seven different drivers to end the race with the fastest lap in F1 this year and I can look it up right now).

Motorsport Stats’ neat graphs and easy-to-browse numbers have won my heart. I think this is probably the best thing the FIA has done for fans in, well... a really long time.

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