Motorola Brings Back The Car Phone!

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It's not often that I get this excited over a new cell phone release, but Motorola has done. it Motorola is bringing back the car phone with the Smart Rider Car Phone. The difference is that this isn't that big bulky briefcase-style phone of the 1990s, but rather a new, small, slim phone that can do a million times more than the car phones of yesteryear. It has a 2.8-inch color display and includes GPS navigation.

Also integrated into this car phone is Bluetooth technology and, unlike car phones of yesteryear, it can indeed leave the car and travel with you outside of your minivan. So in all reality it's just a cellphone with Bluetooth and GPS, but Motorola decided to put a nice spin on it and call it a car phone. The phone will be available in June worldwide.

Motorola Redefines Driving Experience with Smart Rider™ In-Vehicle Phone

Fixed in-vehicle device improves enterprise solutions for professional drivers, with interactive voice activation, GPS services and more

CTIA WIRELESS 2008 - LAS VEGAS, Nev. - 1 April 2008 - Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced the debut of the Motorola Smart Rider™ phone, an innovative in-vehicle solution featuring GPS navigation, interactive voice activation, Bluetooth™ wireless technology and exceptional audio quality that's sure to make this phone an integral part of every driver's journey. A unique hands-free solution, the Smart Rider phone uses GSM technology to enhance user experience by ensuring that users can converse, navigate and tend to business while on-the-go.

The Smart Rider increases convenience and quality of communication:

* Bluetooth™ technology allows users to move freely from the home or office straight into the vehicle while having active calls, contact information and other personal data automatically transferred from the handset to the in-vehicle device
* Multiple user profiles grant secure access to personalized phonebook settings for up to three drivers on the Smart Rider phone
* Interactive voice activation makes the phone hassle-free for drivers
* A robust built-in microphone and speakerphone ensures an exceptionally clear, sharp sound.

The Smart Rider phone also offers feature-rich GPS services:

* Turn-by-turn navigation and voice-guided driving instructions
* Precise on-screen directions and detailed maps on a 2.8" high resolution, sharp color display
* Real-time traffic reports and automatic re-routing
* Enabling of location based services (LBS) and fleet management applications.

"The Smart Rider is the next generation in-vehicle phone, designed to operate in unison with the user's daily needs and environment. The phone re-defines what communication on-the-go is all about, and the main focus was placed on transforming the user experience. We are confident that the worldwide success of this flagship product will speak for itself," said Golan Haver, business unit manager for Motorola Car Phones.

The Smart Rider will be sold worldwide and will be available on the market in June 2008.