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Motorcycle Summer Camp Is Real And It Looks Amazing

(Image Credit: Lucky Wheels Garage/YouTube)
(Image Credit: Lucky Wheels Garage/YouTube)

Somebody finally figured out how to set the clock on a VHS player and holy crap, turns out that thing was actually a time machine all along! Also, if summer camp games plus motorcycles sounds appealing, you’re suddenly in luck.


Lucky Wheels Garage is a shop I just found out about that’s like a library for working on your motorcycle. Instead of books and quiet rooms, you can borrow tools and lifts and, I guess, maybe also books on motorcycle maintenance.

Seems a lot more fun and social than my current setup, which is sneakily trying to wrench on my vehicles curbside between street sweeping days. But I digress.


Looks like Lucky Wheels is continuing to spread the amateur mechanic community spirit with an event in November called the “White Lightning Campout:”

We sure like wrenching at the shop, but there sure is nothing better than blasting out of the city for a weekend away. So for no other reason than that, we decided to do a ride from LA and have a big campout in Ojai in the theme of “Wet Hot American Summer”. Thats right - complete with a summer camp games competition, talent show, and dance. So pack your tube socks and short shorts.

The visuals really bring it home:


And best of all:


Man, I’m nostalgic and I wasn’t even alive when TV looked like this. I’d be all over it but my fuel-injected bike might be a little too futuristic for this scene. Maybe my Scout could sneak in by virtue of period-correctness.

Jalopnik Staffer from 2013 to 2020, now Editor-In-Chief at Car Bibles

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My next door neighbor’s kid used to go to motorcross summer camp. Just like any other sports camp, Dad would drop him off and pick him up at the end of the week.

At the end of the week when they were driving home, they would have a conversation about it. Did he learn much? Did he get any better at xx skill he wanted to work on? Were the other kids nice to you? Were the other kids any good?

You know.. Typical summer camp questions.

When they drifted in to the “other kids” part of the conversation, the kid would usually be a little discouraged. (sigh) “Dad, that guy Travis was there again. He’s like really, really good.”

Dad figured this “Travis” kid must have pretty decent for his kid to mention him year after year.

I later learned that this poor kid had to share the same summer camp with Travis Pastrana.