Motorcycle Summer Camp Is Real And It Looks Amazing

(Image Credit: Lucky Wheels Garage/YouTube)

Somebody finally figured out how to set the clock on a VHS player and holy crap, turns out that thing was actually a time machine all along! Also, if summer camp games plus motorcycles sounds appealing, you’re suddenly in luck.

Lucky Wheels Garage is a shop I just found out about that’s like a library for working on your motorcycle. Instead of books and quiet rooms, you can borrow tools and lifts and, I guess, maybe also books on motorcycle maintenance.


Seems a lot more fun and social than my current setup, which is sneakily trying to wrench on my vehicles curbside between street sweeping days. But I digress.

Looks like Lucky Wheels is continuing to spread the amateur mechanic community spirit with an event in November called the “White Lightning Campout:”

We sure like wrenching at the shop, but there sure is nothing better than blasting out of the city for a weekend away. So for no other reason than that, we decided to do a ride from LA and have a big campout in Ojai in the theme of “Wet Hot American Summer”. Thats right - complete with a summer camp games competition, talent show, and dance. So pack your tube socks and short shorts.

The visuals really bring it home:


And best of all:


Man, I’m nostalgic and I wasn’t even alive when TV looked like this. I’d be all over it but my fuel-injected bike might be a little too futuristic for this scene. Maybe my Scout could sneak in by virtue of period-correctness.

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