Motorcycle Rodeo Lets Cops Battle Head-To-Head

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Two will enter, but only one will leave a victor. In what looks like a miniature auto-cross, this parking lot in Grapevine, TX has been repurposed for local police to show off their skills in a mano a mano obstacle course style competition.


Two riders enter the box, the second rider must follow the pattern of the first or they lose. If either rider touches a cone or puts a foot down they are eliminated. If the second rider follows the first for 90 seconds they win. If they fail to follow the lead rider's path for the full 90 seconds they are eliminated and the first rider wins.

Highlights from the 2015 event show some of the best motorcycle cops compete in four man competition, two man follow and tandem events.

These cops show off an excellent display of skill which no less is expected for a job that requires the officers to sit on their bikes all day everyday. Kudos to the guys lugging around those massive Harley Davidsons, but you'll also get a show from others including a sweet Victory Commander 1 that's not available to civilians. You'll also catch a BMW 1200RT thrown into the mix and I think I caught a Honda ST1300 in there as well.



This is impressive, but I'd prefer this done with their private bikes. Paying to fix cop bikes so they can compete in this is an awful waste.