Motorcycle racer chops off finger to avoid missing Superbike season

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Rather than risk missing out on the 2012 Superbike season, Suzuki rider John Hopkins decided to have one of his fingers amputated. While this may seem like a sad story, Hopkins is surprisingly upbeat about the whole affair—in our minds further proof Motorcycle racers are all more than a little bit crazy.


Hopkins finger problems began when he crashed while practicing for the Czech Grand Prix. Although the fall didn't look bad initially it led to six operations with the promise of more trips under the knife. Hopkins announced the finger amputation via his Twitter account

Well after 6 surgeries & Thousands of $'s spent on Rehab etc its a shame it had to come to this... (see picture above)

Good news is that it already feels better than it has for months & I'll be ready to race in Phillip Island for Rnd. 1 ! No motivation lost !


We're happy to hear that despite losing a finger Hopkins certainly hasn't lost his sense of humor.

With it being Friday the 13th I should have asked the Doctor to wear the mask and dress up like "Jason" as they chopped the finger ; ) Ha Ha

This guy is amazing.

Hat tip to Swine!
[Axis of Oversteer]


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Startle a Thompsons Gazelle Ltd.

Uh.... to who ever wrote the headline, there is a major difference between 'chopp(ing) off' ones finger and having it surgically amputated for legitimate medical reasons.

You made it sound like he took a hatchet to it.