Motor Trend Smacks Rush Limbaugh

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After Motor Trend named the Chevy Volt their Car Of The Year, radio show host and former GM pitchman Rush Limbaugh blasted the award, saying "that's the end of them. How in the world do they have any credibility?"


To their eternal credit, Motor Trend editor and "Motor City Blogman" himself, Todd Lassa responded in kind, noting that Rush was demeaning a vehicle he'd never driven in or even sat in, the Volt's technology was deserving of the honor, and that Rush has appeared serially confused by the Volt, once claiming on his show that it could only travel 40 miles:

"You've made two king's ransoms by convincing legions of dittoheads to tune into you every day. I wonder, do you ever ride in anything that's not German or Anglo-Saxon? Do you have any idea how powerful IG Metal is, and of the size of Germany's social safety net?"


Lassa also suggested Rush could get a Volt on loan — if his previous issues with illicit prescription medications didn't render him unsafe behind the wheel.

To Lassa and Motor Trend's credit, the piece garnered some serious attention by media navel-gazers. Good. It should. It's one of the first times Motor Trend's said something relevant to a general audience in a long time. [MT]

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I happened to hear Limbaugh's retort today.

Apparently, he toured the Volt assembly line at Detroit/Hamtramck with Bob Lutz and got the full run down on the car and sat in it, but notably did not actually drive it.

Limbaugh's complaint with Motor Trend is that the Volt is not actually on sale yet, so he questioned whether it was qualified for inclusion the list, and he just seems to dislike electrics in general, claiming that something good enough for Car of the Year ought to be able to sell on its on merits without the government rebate.

The one thing he said that I sorta agreed with is that calling the electric motor the primary and the gas engine the backup does sound a bit silly, given that one moves the car 35 miles, and the other 300+ miles (though I am aware the batteries are depleted first)