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Even those of us who only tangentially know about MotoGP have heard the name of Australian two-time world champion Casey Stoner. Today he confirmed that 2012 will be his last season of racing. This is a surprising move for the current points leader.


In a press conference, Stoner talked about losing interest in racing and wanting to spend more time with his family.

"After a long time thinking, a lot of time talking with my family and my wife, this has been coming for a couple of years now but at the end of this 2012 season I will be not racing in the 2013 championship," stated Stoner. He is 26 years old and he has a three-month-old daughter at home.


"After so many years of doing this sport which I love, and which myself and my family made so many sacrifices for, after so many years of trying to get to where we have gotten to at this point, this sport has changed a lot and it has changed to the point where I am not enjoying it. I don't have the passion for it and so at this time it's better if I retire now."

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