Illustration for article titled Mosler MT900 Red Devil Dynos At 1635 HP, Says, I Dont Need No LS9

1,635 HP sounds like an awful lot, but when it comes to the Mosler MT900S Red Devil, it's not even the whole story. Its owner, Mike Vietro, called off the dyno run at a measly 5,600 RPM with power still climbing 70 HP every 100 RPM. Corvette Mike estimates he could have seen as much as 1,800 HP had he let the test continue up to 6,200 RPM. So how does his LS7-powered supercar do it?


The 7.0-liter, 550 HP stock engine is equipped with twin turbos from Nelson Racing Engines and needs race fuel to hit those figures. It carries an auxiliary fuel tank expressly for that purpose, while the main tank hold premium pump gas, which automatically switches the engine into "low 1,000s mode."

The engine will now be put through a final tuning phase before taking to the track I the near future with the aim of setting many speed and performance records.
[via World Car Fans]

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