What if I told you that Morpheus from The Matrix has a new gig, and it's trying to get you to buy a Kia?

It seems that Neo's famous mentor from the 1999 sci-fi action flick and its lesser sequels has ditched that bullet-ridden first-gen Cadillac CTS for a Kia K900 luxury sedan. And now, Morpheus wants you to buy a K900 too.

The Verge reports that Laurence Fishburne will reprise his role in Super Bowl ads for the new K900.


Seems he wants you to ditch your "preconceived notions" about what a luxury sedan should be. Here's what they reported:

According to plot details released by Kia, a couple will find themselves face-to-face with Morpheus at a valet stand, where the cyberpunk prophet will present them with two keys — all reminiscent of the character's classic "red pill / blue pill" scene wherein he gives Neo the choice of staying in the Matrix or seeing the real world. "Should they choose wisely," Kia writes, "their perception of luxury — and Kia — will never be the same again."


Interesting approach. And timely too! Everyone loves to watch The Matrix (and maybe part of the second one) whenever it's on TNT on a lazy Saturday afternoon when they should be cleaning the garage or something.

Maybe we'll get to see Neo get sideways in the Kia GT4 Stinger if (hopefully when) that becomes a reality. After all — where Kia's going, they don't need roads.


Wait, wrong movie series. Shit.