Morgan Will Finally Ditch The Steel Chassis It's Been Using Since 1936

Photo: Morgan

Unless you are nerdy or weird or both, you probably don’t find yourself thinking about Morgan too often. Well, I’ll have you know the low-volume, boutique British automaker has some big changes planned for the new decade. Morgan will finally replace a chassis it introduced 83 years ago. Bless!

At the 2019 Geneva Auto Show, Morgan introduced its new CX-Generation aluminum platform in the Morgan Plus Six, the first of its cars to use it. This week, the company announced it will launch new models built on the CX-Generation platform. It also laid out its intention to end the production of its traditional steel chassis in 2020.


That steel chassis, which was introduced in 1936, is still being used today. Variations of it can be found in the current Morgan V6 Roadster, 4/4 and Plus 4.

Image: Morgan

Morgan didn’t specify which new models we can expect but did say there are all-new CX-Generation cars in development to replace the existing ones built on the steel chassis. The new cars will have smaller-capacity engines than the Toyota Supra/BMW Z4 engine found in the Plus Six. Morgan’s lineup in 2020 will have manual transmissions “within the range” as well.

1936 was quite a while ago, but I applaud Morgan for keeping with the times. Eighty-three years young, baby!

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