Luca di Montezemolo left Ferrari after 23 years, but his legacy is a huge success story and to thank him for turning the brand into what it is today, Ferrari organized a massive celebration at the Maranello factory.

Many of those 2,000+ employees from Ferrari's road car division were there to take selfies with Montezemolo because he made enough money for the company so they could hire more staff and buy crazy machinery. Today, Ferrari is the most powerful brand in the world and an absolute cash cow within the Fiat Group. That's why we think Montezemolo's departure might by a bad sign.

Only time will tell for sure, but for now, let's see what he had to say to his crew at yesterday's party:

It's not easy…I'm proud to have lived these marvelous years with you. You are the power behind Ferrari, the most beautiful company in the world. You are the real architects of its triumphs. The future for Ferrari, which builds not cars but dreams, will remain bright because all of you are here. You are Ferrari.

He did not forget to say a few emotional words about both Michael Schumacher and Jules Bianchi either. Classy, as always.


Molto bello signore.



Photo credit: Ferrari