More Pininfarina Sintesi Details Emerge

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Pininfarina has decided to take an interesting and embargo proof route to informing us all about its Sintesi concept. Instead of loading is slimy bloggers with info we have to hang onto till an appointed time, they've taken to publishing a weekly flash pamphlet on their website with more details. So far we're 3 issues into the series and some interesting details are starting to emerge. Pinifarina has taken its signature clean sheet approach to concepts and is making packaging and car to car interaction part the priority list for this car. We first brought you the Pininfarina Sintesi and hoped it would avoid the crossover category, it looks like the car avoids that ill moniker, but will be a fuel cell do-gooder though one of a different flavor.

The shiny webzine shows us how the designers took liberties with the flexibility of the fuel cell concept, and stashed little cells all over the car, allowing a more even weight distribution and freer design of human space. Another interesting feature is a bit more Star Trek. The car would be equipped with something unfortunately called Clancast which acts as a car-to-car communication system. The idea is the system could allow the elimination of standard safety infrastructure stuff like stop lights. The lights would be displayed virtually in a HUD display in the can, and cars would acknowledge each other and avoid accidents automatically. Hello, Jetsons?

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@workingonyourinvoice: The what now? I'm trying to find out if the guys "making" this "car" are the same guys who design the Ferraris. You know, these guys: []

If so, Ben, go get yourself a 599, on me. Their name is right on the fender.

Also, why am I the only one who picked up on this? You're not all a bunch of 17-year-olds, are you?