More on GM's Zeta Lite Platform, New Rear-Wheel-Drive Models

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According to an article in Automobile, there's a possible new twist on GM's plans for a new generation of rear-wheel-drive muscle cars. Pontiac's five-year scheme appears to include producing one such car as a 2010 model. The article dovetails with recent reports that GM's Zeta platform, or variation thereof, could host several new pavement chirpers to rival Ford's new Mustang and Dodge's recast Charger. Automobile contends that the 1999 GTO concept (pictured) could fortell what a new GTO (or, for that matter, Grand Prix) could look like. One shocker, which might be bad news for those pining for new Camaros and Firebirds — GM has no plans to bring those models back, despite months and months of speculation.

Pontiac Looks Rearward: The Next Grand Prix and GTO [Automobile]

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