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More on Ford Europe's US Transplants: S-Max Could Be Coming

Illustration for article titled More on Ford Europes US Transplants: S-Max Could Be Coming

According to Automotive News Ford Europe's new influence on the US brand could include an exported S-Max minivan/MPV, the well-considered hauler that snagged the European "Car of the Year 2007." New chief bossman, Alan Mulally declined to offer details on which new models from FoMoCo's profitable on-continent division will wind up on US soil, though the European Transit Connect small commercial van has already been confirmed as an over-and-comer. No word yet on the Mondeo, the Ford Europe product many Jalopnik readers want to see imported (second to the Focus, ST, natch). But the books aren't closed quite yet.


Bouwvakkerslimousine! Stretch Ford Transit; Ford's S-Max Takes Car of the Year, Somewhere Else [internal]

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Ford definitely needs to inject some of the verve and character present in the Ford Europe stable. Models like the Focus, Mondeo and S-Max would certainly boost sales for the Blue Oval stateside, as would Opel/Vauxhall models (Astra, Vectra) for GM. They own these brands abroad so why is it taking them so long to offer them to North American buyers?