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Remember a little bit ago, when we played some automotive Would You Rather? That was fun, right? Well, I meant it about wanting to do it regularly, and so that’s exactly what I’m doing. So slide on your Consideration Jeggings and get ready for this week’s mind-mulcher:

Would you rather have a magic stone you could drop into any of your car’s fluid tanks to replenish, indefinitely, the fluid in there — be it gas or oil or whatever, but the side effect of the stone is that it does the same to you, meaning while you drive, your bladder will fill within about 10 minutes or so



Would you rather have a magic stone that grants you full legal ownership of any car you set it in, but you would inevitably wreck that car, irreparably, in exactly three months’ time?


Hm. Free gas forever, but you may have to wear Depends (or use my system), or get free cars that you’re going to destroy? Think it through, and let me know!

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