Monterey Historics Can-Am Action Gallery

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The 1966-1974 salad days of Can-Am racing were a result of the Sports Car Club of America and the Canadian Automobile Sports Club joining forces. The adoption of Group 7 FIA rules spawned a North American racing class with no restrictions on engine size or boost pressure. Tire size was wide open. Weight was optional. While there were no rules on construction materials, Can-Am cars had to have an open cockpit, two seats, and two doors. Unlimited rules encouraged innovative thinking. The Jim Hall Chaparral 2J featured not one but two engines. A snowmobile mill spun a set of rear-mounted fans that generated over 1000 pounds of downforce without need for drag-inducing wings. We didn't see the 2J or driver Jackie Stewart at the Monterey Historics, but we did catch Chris MacAllister of Indianapolis, Indiana drive his number 5 1971 McLaren M8F to the checkered flag.[Can-Am History via Vintage RPM]



I work with the guy in the Blue/Grey/Stars McLaren. His DD is a testarossa, his sunshine car is a cobra replica, and his other can am car is a Lola T70. Oh, and I believe that he has a ferrari race car of some type. He brought the McLaren to our silly little company car show. Children do not like all-aluminum big blocks with race pipes being revved to the moon. Maybe they prefer iron.