Monster Truck Stoppie Does Not Go Well

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Who would have thought that a home-built monster truck might perhaps just maybe hmmm not be the sturdiest vehicle in existence?

This dude at the Iron Horse Mud Ranch Super Bog in Perry, Florida attempted to pull a sicknasty stoppie in his extremely lifted Silverado, thinking the truck’s momentum would lift up its back tires for a fun effect.

The momentum continued alright. It rolled the back half of the truck right over the front end.

That, as they say, has not gone well.

Maybe next time consider a different approach to your free time, sir. I hear macrame is nice.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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First thing I noticed is how not a single driver/passenger in that video is wearing a helmet. Then again, if you have no brain, I guess wearing a brain bucket is just pissing in the wind.