Monster Truck Makes Perfect 'Redneck Rescue' Through Texas Floods

(Image: WFAA8 screengrab)
Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

“This didn’t work we were gonna get the boat,” Cole Geeo told WFAA 8 after rescuing his neighbors marooned in their homes by feet of floodwater.


Geeo was driving what local news describes as a “monster truck,” but looks like it might more accurately be called a swamp buggy.

The proportions of Geeo’s Ford pickup make the Mercedes G500 4x4² look sane– get a load of those springs! They’re taller than a human person!

The water WAS damn deep! (Image: WFAA8 screengrab)

The truck also seems to have an inboard braking system; that disc in the middle of the rear axle looks like a brake. That allows for more flexibility on wheel selection and a little weight reduction, not that that matters much when you’re running tractor tires the size of golf carts at each corner.


“That is a redneck rescue I do believe,” Dina Young Grey told WFAA 8 after her coworker Deborah Wright climbed down from the eight-foot-high truck to safety.


I am socially obligated to tell you to “leave the rescuing to the professionals,” but I love seeing people look out for each other. Preferably, with “monster trucks.”


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