Monster Energy Driver Gets Into Brawl, Then Gets Fired

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Last weekend at Gatebil, a huge motorsports gathering in Norway, X Games gold medal-winning rally car driver Liam Doran got into some serious trouble. People who attended the festival claim Doran—who has since been fired from his team—got into brawls, attacked cars, and generally acted like a shithead. Here’s video of some of those shenanigans.

Many people on Facebook have been voicing their disdain for Doran after his alleged bad behavior at Gatebil this past weekend. Here’s a video from Instagrammer japmoe showing Doran trying to intimidate someone into apologizing. The video description says Doran and 30 of his Monster Energy crew tried bullying four men after Doran and crew got wet in a water fight.


Definitely not a good look for Doran in that video. But hey, we don’t know what really happened before the camera started rolling. This next video, though, looks a bit more damning:

That definitely looks like Doran, early in the video about seven seconds in. (The black shirt matches the one from the Instagram video above.) It appears he’s being held back by friends while he pounds on that parked Lamborghini.

Then, about 28 seconds in, you can see him throw a huge haymaker, which luckily does not land on anyone’s face.

The video description, written by Sebastian Larsson (who posted the video), says Doran had been acting up all night. It reads:

So! I first saw Liam Doran beeing kicked out from the VIP area during the aftertrack on saturday evening. Struggling and trying to start a fight with the guards. Later that night, there was a small party over att Monster Energys camp. Two guards told them to turn down/off the music since it’s a “silence rule” after around 2am. They did turn off the music, but as soon as the guards had left, they turned it on again. The guards came back, yada yada and the same thing happened once again.


The description went on:

But this last time, things started to get a little hostile, since some of the guys (and I’m no talking about the guards) had to show of their small cojones. And all of a sudden, there is a brawl and people fighting both themself and the guards (seriously guys, wtf?).

I had to hand over my camera to a friend in the middle because I stepped in when their was to much hostality against the guards. And after I stopped filming, Liam and some other guys runs behind the large tent and tries to hide (Liam under a car if I have my story straight). Because of the police that just arrived.

Please feel free to name the troublemakers in this video so people can know how to identify what we in Sweden call c*unts. And of course, share this.


So it seems Doran was yelling at people over a water fight, getting in brawls over loud music, and hiding from cops under cars. Here’s another post saying that Liam hid from the cops under a car:


And then there’s the claim that he jumped on top of makaworkshop’s (a car shop from Estonia) car and breaking it:


In the comments of the Instagram post, someone by the name of Jaaniskoppel—whom we assume is associated with mekaworkshop—said Monster sent Doran’s mechanic to apologize after Doran allegedly jumped on the Estonians’ car and broke it.

We reached out to Liam Doran and to Monster Energy multiple times for comment but got no response.


Naturally, many people were none too happy with Doran’s behavior. Here are some of the comments on one of Doran’s Facebook posts:


That should have been a good weekend for Doran, but it looks like a pretty shitty one. That sucks.


But what sucks more for Doran is that his racing contract with JRM Racing is now over. The statement from the team principal to FIA World RallyCross reads: “The agreement with the team has been terminated. This is an internal matter and no further comment will be made at this stage.”

What a shitshow.

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