Mommy, Why Is A Picture Of A Naked Girl On The Wheels Of That Car?

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Sometimes driving in a pimped out Escalade isn't enough. Sometimes you need to add a bit more flash and bling to your ride. Sometimes your ride seems well, simply not-so-fresh. Well here's an interactive driving accessory sure to perk that wilted flower of a ride up. It's called the Pimpstar, and it's well...maybe it would be best if we let tell you, cause we are totally about to fall down and die here on the floor in laughter:

The PimpStar is a huge leap forward in the evolution of the wheel. With the PimpStar's built-in full color LED lights, microprocessor and wireless modem, you can display virtually any image, including text, graphics, logos, and even digital photos!

This image was lost some time after publication.

Somehow when we think of vehicular evolutionary advancement, this really isn't gonna make the cut.

The Pimpstar [Custom Wheels via RideRoom]

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