Mom With Priorities Out Of Whack Buys Street Billboard To Land Daughter Prom Queen Crown

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One well-meaning but clearly off-her-rocker Texas mom has spent at least $1500 on newspaper ads, fliers, one of those customizable outdoor display signs at a local taqueria, and — the pièce de résistance — a "pink rotating outdoor" billboard advertising her daughter, Brandy Day, for prom queen.

"Families feel like it's a little too much or over the top for one night," she told ABC, "but then again, it only happens one time in your child's life." Plus, Brandy Day is a really great prom queen name.

Brandy told the Houston Chronicle that she and her mother had joked about renting a billboard but that she didn't actually expect her mother to go out and do it. "I was joking, but she took me seriously," she said. "When she texted me a pic of the billboard and the newspaper, I was shocked." You don't say.


The weirdest part of this whole situation is that Brandy's mother actually thought this over-the-top sales strategy would go over well with high schoolers. No teenagers (nor anyone, really) read print newspaper ads, no one wants their name displayed outside of a Mexican restaurant (actually, that part's maybe the coolest — do Brandy supporters get free tacos?), and it's highly unlikely that an ostentatious billboard will garner the poor girl any votes. Anyone who's ever lived through high school knows that the advertisements could, in fact, lose her the election — who wants a spoiled brat with an aggressively pink PR campaign to win?


As one rational kid told ABC — who seemed pretty bewildered by the whole thing (he's unidentified, and it's possible he's never met Brandy Day in his life) — "I understand getting buttons and stuff, but a billboard, that's just overboard." Indeed.

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