Mom Asked To Move 1993 Accord, Accidentally Steals Another 1993 Accord

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So does everyone in Brooklyn drive a 1993 Honda Accord? Because if so, it's easy to make this mistake this well-meaning mom did. While her daughter and friends were on vacation, the car-sitter moved an Accord identical to an Accord belonging to one of the women, causing a clusterfuck of trouble.


Nekisia Davis asked her mother, Cheryl Thorpe, to dog-sit while she spent a few days in Miami with some friends. Thorpe was also instructed to move three cars — the green, 1993 Honda Accord in question, a Honda CR-V and a Fiat (presumably a 500) — to other spots nearby because of an impending street cleaning.

When Davis and her friends returned, the Accord owner noticed that the Accord that was moved wasn't hers. Instead, that particular green, 1993 Honda Accord belonged to Emily Hickert, another Brooklyn resident.


"I just opened the door with the key and drove it," Thorpe told the New York Post. "It was pretty incredible because the key worked."

Hickert reported her Accord as stolen and even watched footage from a nearby store of Thorpe moving the vehicle, thinking the 55-year-old Houston woman was a "master thief."

So Davis and her friends put up fliers around the neighborhood explaining the situation, asking for the rightful owner of the Accord to step forward.

In the end, both Accord owners were reunited with their respective green, Japanese sedans and no charges were filed — but Hickert's car was towed for being parked on another street scheduled for cleaning. Thorpe offered to pay the fine, which came up to be $190.


Lesson learned: Get more interesting cars, Brooklyn.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

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Is someone looking into why the key worked in the wrong vehicle?