Mohammed Rafi -- Jaan Pehechaan Ho

Traffic sucks, so why not start your morning off with some music? You provide the toast and we’ll provide the jams.


If you’re an American and familiar with this, chances are you saw clips of it in the movie Ghost World. The whole thing is pretty great, if you don’t mind having a song going through your head all day with lyrics that you can’t understand.

Also, the dancing. I’m not sure how that woman can shake her head like that for five minutes straight without either puking or detaching a retina.



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I translated the lyrics for all of humanity back in 2011 so we can finally all know what the song is about. Text pasted here to help us all out. You’re welcome.

Jaan Pehechaan Ho lyrics - English translation:

Vomit like a dino.
Gina has a bun roll.
John pick up Don Ho.
Genius, uh, no.

Dino cut your rally want a a hog natural.
Now, I’m soak a tie, duuuuh.

Don pack a sand roll. Huh huh.
Gina has one throw.
John has a bun roll.
Gina has one bow.

Jean, at your Huckleberry rock, match your aisle.
Non-sofa timer.

Jan pack up Yarnell.
Dina rouse Don Ho.

Oh, I think I found ya
You’re my silly guy.
I’m seeing Tom, though, and you’re a jelly tray.
We’re a standard pie pig. A kissy camp will lie.
We’ll stand to buy a fig and Sissy’s tramp will die.
Willy candle lighting a fizzy dandelion, yeaaaaaaah.

Yeah, woo woo.

Join the telethon-o.
Cheetah Arizona.
Don’s alpaca sunroof.
Greener mouse gun throw.

Seen a rack of belly samples, mommy pack a goat.
Now I soap up rhino-o.
Firecracker dino.
Bean of our son-oh.

Where I get a bowl of ‘em?
Hope it is shiny.
Bowler get a whole room.
The hukka is shoddy.
Sitter sitter, talk to Huey. Did you took a lolly?
Zippy zippy Rapa Nui. Witty Fittipaldi.
City zitty daughter hooey. Did you book her mommy? Aaaaah!

Huh, huh, huh.

Swingin’ like Jongo.
Sheen of ice on hole.
Don’s Mantalban-oh.
Be a paisano.

Be a cultured Wally-whacker walk natural.
Dolls fold a tire.
Juan’s at McDonald’s.
Seen a fire’s gun hole.

Oh, super-duper dapper dukcy.
Very messy money.
Soup or goop of lamb or turkey.
This is very funny.
Then I think about the fungi and a honey.
Then I see about the one guy who broke a bunny.
Then a zebra bought the binary Maserati.

Yeah. Whoa, ooh ah.

Found my lack of vinyl.
Gina eyes are none.
John pecker try now.
Gina likes Bono.
Vito, patch a rally, knock a rug, notch a rail.
Now I’m super fly.
Sean Penn if I know.
Jean Nate’s son know.