Mix-n-Match Mopar Madness: Fun With B-Bodies!

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It's a darn shame that the Mopar B-body guys don't have the factory hardware to slap truck beds on their cars, while any fool with a Montego can make a Montechero and the roads are practically choked with Tempestaminos. But when it comes to wagons, the Mopar freaks can hold their heads high. Take, for example, this cleanly executed 1970 Road Runner wagon. Sure, it started life as a lowly Belvedere, but check it out: 496 stroker, 4-speed with pistol-grip shifter, and- perhaps best of all- the fearsome Air Grabber hood scoop. And dig the dog dishes!


70 Road Runner Air Grabber Wagon [showyourauto-com]

Yet More GM A-Body Fun: The GSwagon! [internal]

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Cited on Jalopnik...I FEEL famous now. We called this one "The Draggin' Wagon" man what a kick in the pants she was. Mopar Wagon Pride goes WAY back, we now have a '68 Satellite Wagon that was bought at Mr. Norm's Grand Spaulding Dodge NEW, jealous of the 440+6 RoadRunner that came out about 6 months later, the owner of that nearly new wagon had Mr. Norm install a FRESH 440 +6 motor of his own. That same wagon car is now the proto-type exemplar for the new Mr. Norms Dream Car program...I'll shoot you a link if you want to see it. Thanks Jalopnik! ~Patrick Krook, Owner, Show Your Auto LLC