Mitsubishi to Show New MIEV Concept in Geneva

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Mitsubishi is uncovering the next electric-powered concept car in its MIEV (Mitsubishi In-wheel Electric Vehicle) series — the Concept-EZ MIEV — at the Geneva motor show next month. A pod-like monobox using the electric-motors-inside-the-wheels trick Mitsu's been showing off since last year, the EZ riffs on the popular European-style MPV. The company says without a regular drivetrain, the EZ sports a low, flat floor leading to an interior height similar to that of a large MPV, despite its relatively low overall height of 5.7 feet. Mitsubishi has said it expects its MIEV vehicles to be ready for prime time by 2010, just in time to haul our pattern-balding ass out to the Space Elevator.

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