Mitsubishi Evo Flips At X-Games Rally

The 2008 X-Games Rally held in Carson, California this weekend saw Andrew Comrie Picard launch his Mitsubishi Evo over the big stadium jump, come up short, and flip the car end over end back onto its wheels. The driver and co-driver were uninjured, but the car, as you can see from the in-car angle, wasn't able to continue driving. Since the X-Games format is a head-to-head tournament on the super-special stage, Picard's opponent, Dave Mirra, went on to win the race despite broken control arms on his Subaru, which caused him to limp around the course making three-point turns. In the final round, Travis Pastrana claimed the gold medal victory over none other than Top Gear USA host Tanner Foust. [YouTube]

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