Mitsubishi And Renault: A Reputation For Not-Quality

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Gotta say, I didn't see that one coming. Some alliances make sense when you hear about them, but that thought of Mitsubishi and Renault-Nissan in bed in order to make a new Galant and a couple other cars still doesn't sound quite right.

What also doesn't sound right is the two of them making a car that's going to try and be competitive in a cutthroat segment like the midsize car class. Renault's technology gave us the Eagle Premier that took the class by storm Chrysler couldn't sell in the late 1980s. That was right around the time the Galant was good, but Mitsu never really folowed up.


Then there's the fact neither of these companies have the most sterling reputation for quality, tough, when you're trying to compete against quality names from Honda and Toyota.

Slave2anMG spots the problem:

"Guys, I've got a GREAT idea! Let's take a French car and put the Mitsubishi name on it! That way we get to take advantage of the outstanding reputations both companies have in the US for quality and durability!"

And as oldirtybootz points out, it's been working out well for the Dart. Oh, wait:

Like selling a Fiat-powered Alfa Romeo as a Dodge.

Can we just trade Mitsubishi for Renault?

If Mitsubishi selling a Renault-designed car built in South Korea can provide the funds to make more Evos, that's great. Are we betting it's going to be a great car that could potentially steal sales from the Renault-Nissan Altima? No way.


Better luck next time?

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Mitsubishi? Renault? Folks, I present you the 1989 Eagle line! How well did that work out?