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Student Found Shot To Death After Trying To Sell Car On Craigslist (UPDATED)

Illustration for article titled Student Found Shot To Death After Trying To Sell Car On Craigslist (UPDATED)

A sad and unfortunate update to yesterday’s story about a Southern Illinois University student who went missing after trying to sell his Nissan 350Z on Craigslist: the student, 19-year-old Taylor S. Clark, has reportedly been found dead.


Law enforcement officials haven’t confirmed it yet, but the Troy Times-Tribune newspaper is reporting Clark’s body was found a shallow grave in Missouri. The newspaper cited police in Clark’s hometown of St. Jacob. A news conference is likely to be held later this morning.

Fox 2 St. Louis says the investigation is ongoing, but as of yet no arrests have been announced. Investigators say Clark made contact with at least one person in reference to the Craigslist ad for his 350Z.


Clark had just completed finals at his college and was trying to sell his 350Z when he went missing Monday morning. Cell phone records put phone around The Mills Outlet Mall in Hazelwood, Missouri about an hour after he was last seen. According to reports, his body was found not far from his car in an industrial park area Tuesday evening.

More on this as we get it.

Update: Police have now confirmed that Clark’s body was found Tuesday evening in the parking lot of a truck driving school, about 400 yards from his car. They say he had been shot to death. The investigation continues.

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Time to instate a buddy-system policy with all Craigslist meets from now on.