Minneapolis Bridge Lit Up Like Rainbow After Marriage Equality Passes

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Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed a marriage equality law yesterday and the City of Minneapolis celebrated last night by lighting up the I-35W bridge like this. It looks like the final stage from Mario Kart.


They join Delaware and Rhode Island as states that have recently passed "Gay Marriage" laws. While some may see this is a purely thoughtful gesture on the part of Minneapolis' mayor, it's worth pointing out that St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman renamed one of their bridges "Freedom to Marry Bridge" for a week.

I think you got one-upped Mayor Coleman.

Photo Credit: City of Minneapolist



Am I the only one who finds this pointless? Woohoo, Guys and girls can now marry each other.... But surely a stunt like this just plays to the stupid outdated opinion of Homosexuals and their nature.

I have a few good friends who are homosexual. They would probably convulse at the thought of a bridge being lit up in 'their' right to marry. Surely the greatest celebration would be to give all the before-known-as-life-partners Marriage certificates because "they may as well have been."

Think of it this way. By the above standards (hypothetical heads on), it would be equally appropriate to illuminate the bridge pink if women had just been given the vote. Because of COURSE EVERY girl likes pink, don't they?

I have nothing against gay rights and 'that whole thing.' I don't have anything against putting rainbows on bridges, I think its kinda cool. Makes you wonder where else a rainbow would look cool. But to celebrate Gay marriage? I would love to say 'Because 'MURCA.' But that would be insulting to 90% of the readers intelligence here. Hence the elongated post. If you're going to celebrate something, at least make the effort to make it appropriate. Not stereotypical and 'obvious.' There's no gain, or message in that.

I call 'The Ferrari LaFerrari" to the witness stand....