Mini Uses Terror To Teach Women Not To Use Makeup While Driving

Women of Mexico, Mini is worried about you. They claim you cause 22 percent of crashes in your country because you're too busy putting makeup on your pretty, pretty faces. So they're going with a time-tested way to teach you not to do that: pure, unbridled terror.


In this case, ladies, the terror comes from airbags secretly installed in bathroom soap dispensers that violently go off while you powder your noses.

Not while you're driving, mind you! It happens while you're in a bathroom, just minding your own business and not being a threat to anyone. Then they film your horrified reaction.


That'll teach you.

Come on, girls, don't even try that whole "This can't possibly be that much of a problem" line of thinking, or wonder what Mini is doing about the 78 percent of crashes presumably caused by men, or get creeped out that they were filming you in the bathroom.

It's for your own good, according to Mini! The ad says "1 in 4 believe that not wearing makeup could cost them a promotion. Which could explain why women frequently apply makeup whilst driving."

See? Logic, ladies. Logic. Good thing you have Mini to explain to you that "There's a time and place for everything."


Hat tip to Design Taxi

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Conveniently all of these women are beautiful. Do only beautiful women go to the bathroom in Mexico? I'm not complaining. Just pointing it out.