The Mini Rocketman concept goes where no modern Mini's gone before: backwards in size. Yep, this Mini fights model bloat and chops some notches off the brand's ever-expanding belt. It's definitely not the Mini you think you have at home.

To appreciate this Mini concept — headed for Geneva — you'll need to look past some of the goofier concept elements like the dual-hinged doors, the trackball on the steering wheel, the projection taillights, and the fiber-optic union jack in the roof (on second thought, that's kind of cool).

What's best about this particular Mini concept is that it's actually lightweight and almost mini. Designed ideally for two people (but with a 3+1 option, just in case) its 135-inch length doesn't make it as small as the original, but it's nearly a foot shorter than the new hardtop and 20 inches shorter than the Clubman.

Underneath the aggressively futuristic skin is the carbon fiber spaceframe, which allows the designers to create an interior for maximum space while maintaining a low weight and vehicle rigidity. It's all concept car magic, so there's no telling what the actual weight is or what kind of powerplant lets it get 80 mpg.


Could Mini reverse the trend towards bloat by creating a smaller, truer model? Absolutely. Will it look just like this and come with all the cool storage areas? I think it's gonna be a long long time...