For the 2014 Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este, BMW/MINI have teamed up with Italian coachbuilder Touring Superleggera to make this sleek little two-seater with a MINI face, electric drivetrain, and probably not much chance of real production.

Of course, there's a long press release full of the sort of overwrought, breathless horseshit these things always get, though at least in this case the car is pretty great looking. This is the sort of press release that says stuff like

The two fog lights echo the circular contours of the headlamps, providing a smaller interpretation of them in the radiator grille.

When they mean there's some little round fog lights near the bigger round headlights. "Circular contours?" Doesn't that just mean "round?"


That fin at the rear is quite striking, and the PR writer got nice and worked up about it:

Meanwhile the striking fin defines the look of the rear, adding a touch of extravagance. It gives the MINI Superleggera™ Vision a particular longitudinal dynamics while at the same time embodying the unconventional air of both MINI and Touring Superleggera.


Yes, that really does have a "particular longitudinal dynamics." That's the first thing I look for in my cars.

The taillights are meant to suggest a divided Union Jack, and the interior looks beautifully finished, and includes an integrated camera, I guess to take awful driving selfies? That sounds like something they'd stick in a 2014 concept car.


I really do like those taillights, though. MINI should consider adopting those across the line.

Sure, this is a bit of a stretch for the MINI aesthetic and brand, but, really, why not do something like this? A real little roadster with some MINI design cues could be quite fun in the MINI lineup, and the general proportions of this concept are a fantastic place to start.


Even if it's not electric, or hand-built out of huge aluminum sheets, or can't take dash-selfies of you.