Mini Launches Air Raid On Porsche Headquarters

The sky above Porsche's North American headquarters hosted a Mini banner this morning that read "Dear Porsche, Bring It! Love, Mini." It appears Mini isn't backing down from its challenge, even if Porsche is.


Mini's challenge to Porsche last week offered to let the German company put its 911 Carrera S up against the Mini Cooper S at Road Atlanta. Porsche attempted to politely wave off the challenge, but the company did invite Mini to enter a "real" racing series.

This morning, Mini hired a plane to tow a banner around Porsche's North American headquarters in Atlanta with the message "Dear Porsche, Bring It! Love, Mini." This likely won't make Porsche change its mind, but it's both entertaining and good Mini PR, especially for considering the upcoming launch 2011 Mini Cooper. Here's Mini president Jim McDowell trying to up the stakes with Justin Bieber passes, the Salami of the Month Club, and other ridiculousness:

(Hat tip to Chad!)

Photo Credit: Snufflesquare

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