Mini, BMW to Offer Direct-to-Customer Sales, Just Not in the U.S., Report Says

European Mini customers will get the go-ahead to order direct starting in 2024, with BMW coming two years later.

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A black and gold 2023 Mini Cooper Clubman is parked on gravel in front of some trees.
Mini buyers will be able to order their cars directly from the manufacturer in Europe starting in 2024.
Photo: Mini

The car dealership model is something that’s been in place all around the world for over a hundred years, but we’ve seen several attempts by manufacturers to subvert it and sell directly to their customers.

The biggest example of direct vehicle sales is probably Tesla, which battled several states over their dealership laws in an attempt to cut out the middlemen. Now, according to a report published by Reuters earlier this month, BMW is looking to get in on the fun, just not in the U.S.


Specifically, BMW is planning to offer its Mini brand directly to its European customers as soon as 2024, with BMW to follow in 2026. The brand’s intent to do this was announced by BMW at its Q3 Global Business Update.

Tesla still has 15 states in which it’s unable to sell its cars, despite years of fighting in court to overturn laws against direct-to-customer sales. Ford is working on an almost-direct-to-customer sales program, but even that will involve dealerships in some capacity, allowing the Blue Oval to skirt those laws.


We reached out to BMW for comment, but didn’t hear back in time for publication.