Miller Motorsports Park's New Chinese Owners Plan To Keep Racing In Utah [UPDATE]

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Reports came in earlier today said that Miller Motorsports Park, Utah’s premier race track, was about to be sold to Geely Automotive, a Chinese company primarily known in the U.S. for owning Volvo. But it turns out the new owner isn’t quite Geely Automotive, though it is a subsidiary. And they plan to keep MMP right where it is.

UPDATE: The new owner of Miller Motorsports Park, MyTime Racing, is actually a small part of Geely Automotive. Geely won’t be running it outright, as MyTime is Geely’s motorsports subsidiary. A spokesperson for Geely e-mailed us this note:

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (ZGH) is the mother company to four independent subsidiary companies: Geely Auto Group, Volvo Car Corporation, London Taxi Company and MyTime Group. Another company under MyTime, NARCAR, operates various motor sports activities in the Chinese market such as Formula 4 and grass roots racing projects.


The original post follows below.

The news of the acquisition of Miller Motorsports Park by new owner MyTime Racing, comes to us via Robert Boyd, a reporter for local news station Fox 13:


More as we have it.

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Here’s the fact sheet they handed out tonight