Military Machines In Action

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Today in the U.S., we honor our veterans— some of whom had the opportunity to drive cool and complex vehicles in the line of duty. If that's you, we'd love to see images of your rolling stock on the job. Enthusiasts, let's see your favorite military vehicle action-shots from around the internet!


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A-10 is the Miata of military vehicles because it's always the right answer.

I really like the fact there was a group of guys in the government who sat in a meeting 30+ years ago and had a conversation like this:

First Guy: "So let me make sure I understand. You want to take a gun the size of a Chevy Monte Carlo, build a jet around it and paint a funny face on it so it looks like it's spitting fire?"

Second Guy: "In a nutshell, yeah that's correct".

First Guy: "Sure is ugly¨.

Second Guy: "It's a big ass flying gun. If you approach it from that perspective, I think the look will grow on you".

Other Guys in Room: (nodding in agreement)

First Guy: "Okay. Just lose the face on the nose".

Second Guy: "Are you kidding? It's a flying gun!

First Guy: "Yeah, you're right. A-10 nomenclature. What are you going to call it?

Second Guy: We were thinking Megatron".

First Guy: "For a flying gun? Too cartoony. How about Warthog?"

Second Guy: "I like it. Deal?"

First Guy: "Deal".