Miles Highway Speed: The Silent Yet Violent Electric Vehicle

Thousands of inches of print and webspace have been dedicated to electric cars like the Tesla Roadster and countless more opining on hybrids and near-electrics like the Chevy Volt, but what about the Miles Electric Highway Speed? If you've never heard about it before, don't worry, we hadn't either.


The Miles Electric is the brainchild of Polo by Ralph Lauren Jeanswear founder and avowed environmentalist Miles Rubin and it has taken a more stealthy approach to the public spotlight. The Highway Speed is an all-electric converted version of the Hafei Saibao 3, a Chinese-made compact that actually passes European safety standards — shocking! Pun intended.


The Miles Electric Highway Speed, which is the unofficial but silly name, draws power from a 37 KW lithium iron phosphate battery pack which charges on 220V power and has enough juice for a 100 mile round trip. The still murky motivating motor reaches a claimed acceleration of 8.2 seconds 0-to-60 MPH with a top speed over 80 MPH. Chassis and battery components are built and assembled in China at the Hafei assembly line while the motor and controller are US made components.

But what's the bottom line on all of this? Price, somewhere in the neighborhood of $40,000 to $45,000, but considering the battery pack exceeds the 20 KW capacity which earns the federal $7,500 incentive, the price becomes a bit more reasonable. But that's not really the bottom line anyway is it? The real question is whether Americans, and Californians specifically, would consider buying a largely Chinese-made electric vehicle built by a company captained by a fashionista environmentalist. [via Hybrid Cars]

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