Mighty Volvo Cannot Be Held Back By Puny Trees

Screencap via JullesRallyFilm
Screencap via JullesRallyFilm

Trees, schmees. This Volvo running in Sweden’s Snapphanerallyt doesn’t care.

Rally is already one of the most hoondifferous and hoontastical motorsports in existence, as illustrated by the many sweet slides through the gravel in this compilation.


The clip that really deserves to be Hoon of the Day, however, is this red Volvo. No mere tree is going to keep it from finishing this stage. If it doesn’t fall off, just tell the kids that Christmas came early. Car still runs? Press on regardless.

[Correction: I originally attributed this clip to the Lahti Historic Rally, but this was from Snapphanerallyt. This has been corrected above. My deepest apologies to all of Scandinavia for the confusion.]



Son of a beech! He was really moving!