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Mid-Engined Baby Roadster Honda S660 Set For 2015 Launch

Illustration for article titled Mid-Engined Baby Roadster Honda S660 Set For 2015 Launch

One of the more appealing concepts to come from Honda in a long time was the Honda S660, the small, mid-engined roadster that debuted at last year's Tokyo Motor Show. Now we know it's been given the green light, and it will be made at the plant that produced its predecessor.


Japanese news site Response reports that the S660 is officially set to begin production at Honda's Yokkaichi Works subsidiary, the same plant where the Honda Beat kei car roadster was made in the 1990s. It's more clear than ever that the S660 — which seemed headed for production at last year's Tokyo show — will be more like a neo-Beat than a screaming, insane neo-S2000.


That was apparent from the car's specs, too. At the show it boasted a turbocharged 660 cc engine with just 67 horsepower and a CVT gearbox. On the plus side, the S660 weighed less than 2,000 pounds in concept form, so it doesn't need much power to party.

No word yet on how much the S660 will cost or how many will be made, or whether it will make its way to markets outside of Japan. I really hope Honda decides to bring it here, but I think they'll need to beef up the engine at least a little bit first.

Hat tip to Autoblog

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First: You can totally get 150+ out of that motor. I've seen it done in a snowmobile.

Second: As much as hybrids are overplayed and all, this car just screams to be a through the road hybrid. Electric motor powering the front wheels, 660 turbo powering the rear wheels. That honestly sounds like a ton of fun.