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Mid-Engine Corvette Plagued With Delays, Could Launch By This Summer With a Very Corvette Price

Illustration for article titled Mid-Engine Corvette Plagued With Delays, Could Launch By This Summer With a Very Corvette Price
Photo: Stefan Baldauf

Last December we all found out that the coming mid-engine Corvette was in need of a revamp that required a delay of at least six months before the car would be ready for production. Allegedly there were three issues with the C8-generation car that needed to be dealt with before it could reach the hands of the consumer, according to this report by Hagerty.


The three problems that delayed the car are pretty big ones to have. First, GM is allegedly swapping the car to an all-new electrical architecture, which required a CAN revamp. Second, the underlying aluminum chassis can’t seem to handle the stresses of ZR1-beating horsepower, as test mules with a twin-turbo V8 flexed enough to break the engine cover glass. And finally, an unspecified underlying design issue needed to be worked out.


This will be a pivotal moment for Chevrolet, as it’s the next big step in positioning the Corvette as a world beater for a fraction of the cost. While we’re relatively sure the C8 will cost quite a bit more than the current C7 generation Corvette, Hagerty’s sources appear to be quite confident that the base model price will be somewhere in the $60-70 thousand range. Considering the current base Stingray starts at $55,900, that’s not too far of a reach for most buyers.

So now comes the question of when the car will make its debut. Obviously we initially expected the car to bow at the Detroit show in January, but that didn’t happen. Since then Chicago and Geneva have happened with nary a peep. It seems like the new Corvette may get its own stand-alone reveal at some point this summer.


One theory, as floated by Hagerty, is that the new ‘Vette will see the light of day at the National Corvette Museum’s 25th anniversary celebration toward the end of August.

Meanwhile, I have another idea. While there has been no official word as to what the 2019 Indy 500 pace car might be, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to believe it might be the C8 Corvette, shown to the public for the first time.


Via: Motor1

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I have a question. Is that a white car with black spots or a black car with white spots?