Mid-engine 1955 Fiat 600 has a Honda motorcycle powerplant

It may still have it's trademark bubble car shape, but there isn't a whole lot else on this Fiat 600 that is the same as when it left the factory in 1955. Where there was once a backseat is now a 170hp engine from a Honda 1000rr. Finding a mid engine 1955 Fiat for sale is anything but a common occurrence, but it comes as no surprise when it we do find one it's for sale on Ebay.

Thanks to a Honda 1000rr and the slightly crazy person who put this custom creation together, whoever is lucky enough to get behind the wheel of this 600 now has plenty of horsepower to play with. 170 horsepower might not sound like much, but in a 1200 pound car like this Fiat it's enough power to have some serious fun. Sure, it's 6 speed transmission doesn't have reverse and the sound of the motorcycle engine directly behind the driver is likely deafening, but who really needs to hear or go backwards?


The seller points out that although this mid-engine 600 could be driven on the street it is really more of a track car. If we got our hands on this 600, we'd probably drive it absolutely everywhere. From the looks of the bidding, we aren't alone in that sentiment. With less than a day left on the auction, bidding is up to $8600 with the reserve still not met, which isn't surprising considering how unique and well executed this car is. We want it—real bad.



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