Michigan Trooper Leaps Over 35-Foot Railing To Apprehend Suspect

A police car's dascham recorded this video of a Michigan State Trooper going over a railing above pavement 35 feet below as he leaped to apprehend a police chase suspect.


WNEM News reports that police had attempted to pull over a 41-year-old man in Saginaw County, but the man refused to stop and the police gave chase. Police later figured out that the guy was on a tether from alcohol-related charges in another county.

The cops stopped the guy's car with spike strips, but the driver got out of the car and started to climb the guardrail. That's when the trooper jumped after him, and that's when the two went over the edge, landing on pavement 35 feet down.


Both the trooper and the suspect were hospitalized. The trooper has been released and will be back at work in three to six months. The suspect's condition is unknown.

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Tom McParland

I'm just imagining what was going through the trooper's mind when this all went down. My guess is something like this.

"Oh you think you can get away...nope, I'm right behind you. HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIII....."