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Michigan Man Crashes Into Empty House Filled With Bees, Dies

Illustration for article titled Michigan Man Crashes Into Empty House Filled With Bees, Dies

Some tragic news from Michigan today, as police investigate a man who apparently lost control of his car, drove into a vacant home filled with swarms upon swarms of bees and later died from his injuries, according to a local report.


MLive reports that the Saginaw County man was driving along a road when he continued straight along a curve. Onlookers saw him crash into the abandoned house, but couldn't rescue him because they were being attacked by bees.

"The house, we're being told, has not been occupied for many years," he said. "There were just large swarms of bees within the home. It was so infested, they couldn't get to him."

Pfau said those attempting to help the man then attached a tow strap to the vehicle and pulled it away from the home as Tri-Township firefighters and Saginaw County Sheriff deputies rushed to the scene.


Police say the man may have crashed due to a "medical emergency."

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CPT Speedbump

If it was full of bees, it wasn't had bees in it