Michigan Car Thieves Have Terrible Taste In Cars

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In Michigan, the crucible of the American auto industry, where smithies forge the bones of Mustangs and hearts of Corvettes daily, the most popular vehicle among thieves is the 2000 Dodge Caravan. Why, God, why?

According to the Michigan Auto Theft Prevention Authority, various model years of Dodge Caravans account for five of the top 10 stolen vehicles on the pleasant peninsula. Other Chrysler models take up four more slots, with the sole non-Chrysler entry being the classic 1997 Ford Taurus.

The experts say it's because the Caravans sport lots of air bags and catalytic converters that can bring good coin on the black market while having none of those pesky anti-theft features found in more up-to-date models. Some are also likely shipped overseas. Nationally, the Honda Accord still reigns as the most stolen vehicle.


(Photo: bsabarnowl) [Freep]