Is A Superbike Or A Supermoto Faster On Track?

Sure, Michelin’s new series “We Are All Racers” is a way for it to hock rubber to its two-wheeled customers. But mission accomplished. I want to hit the track in a bad, bad way.

The stage is set with Kenny Noyes, 2014 FIM CEV Superbike Champion, peeling off a few test laps in his beefy Kawasaki ZX-10R. During a slightly awkward debrief in the pits, Noyes is challenged by SuperMoto star, Sylvain Bidart. Then it’s go-time.

Bidart, who races for Team Luc1 Motorsports, seems a worthy competitor drifting around Noyes on his brappy Honda CRF450. While the big one-liter Kawasaki should have a runaway victory, Bidart gets to cut a few corners and make a few jumps to keep things in check. If you’re trying to sell tires, this is how to do it.

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I’m more interested in who is having more fun. For me it’d be the supermoto.