Photo credit: Clive Rose/Getty Images
Photo credit: Clive Rose/Getty Images

Seven-time Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher still can’t stand up or walk on his own after a December 2013 skiing accident left him with a cerebral hemorrhage, reports The Telegraph. Schumacher’s condition was disclosed in court proceedings for an invasion of privacy lawsuit filed by the Schumacher family.

Schumacher’s family sued German magazine Bunte for reporting that Michael could walk again in a major cover story. You can see that cover boldly claiming “He can walk again” here. The suit was for invasion of privacy, seeking €40,000-€100,000 ($44,667-$111,667) in restitution.


A lawyer representing Schumacher denied Bunte’s cover story claims in court, as The Telegraph notes:

“He cannot walk,” Felix Damm, a lawyer representing Schumacher, told a court hearing in Hamburg.

The five-time world champion cannot even stand without the help of therapists, Mr. Damm added.

The family has been very guarded of their privacy throughout Michael’s recovery, despite having to deal with Michael’s medical records reportedly being stolen and widespread speculation on Michael’s condition.

Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm previously denied Bunte’s claims at the time of its publication, explaining to The Telegraph that such speculation is irresponsible, particularly because it gives false hope.


The trial is expected to conclude in October.

[Note: The Telegraph’s quote lists Schumi as a five-time F1 world champion, but he had two additional championships in addition to that, as many of you have pointed out. We’ve since corrected our text, but the mistake remains in the quote.]

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