Michael Bay Casts Chinese Concept Car For Transformers 4

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If you thought Transformers 4 will only have American muscle and European exotica next to enough explosions to bring down a small country, think again, and say hi to the GAC E-Jet — a Chinese concept reportedly being used in the next film.

Oh, Michael Bay and his taste. The Camaro? Most likely a stolen idea. The other Camaro? Different issues. The Corvette? Don't ask. The truck? Well, that will do. And I don't think he's allowed to modify the Aventador. At least he shouldn't be, as Filippo Perini has clearly done a very good job at creating something very wide and intimidating.


What's less terrifying is the GAC E-Jet Concept, which is a range-extended hybrid from China, with a 1.0-liter, four-cylinder engine acting as a generator for an electric drive motor.

When turned into an Autobot, it will need a bit more power than that to scare anyone.

This makes sense though. The almost plot-less Transformers movies are less films than exploding bits of product placement designed to work in international markets.


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Micheal Bay further rapes the childhood of the 80's......